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The TCF Social Initiative is the heart and soul of TCF. Designed to keep support for the music industry and consistent communication, this is the hub where information is centered. The TCF Social Initiative consist of the below but not limited to : 

*Social Meet Ups and Support while on tour (Consists of tangible support for the individual including lunch, dinner, sports events, hikes, movies and a general goal to step away and reconnect with normalcy from the touring / studio realm if even only for a few hours.)

*Coordinated Animal Therapy while on tour. (Shelter trips planned, puppy meet ups planned)

*TCF Book Club (A community partnered with "Goodreads" to share books on the subject of bettering the individual's mental health, as well general enjoyable books to stay sharp.

*Support groups and education from social network channels

*Scheduled workout plans and goals

*Spotify playlist including podcasts / music shared by TCF community

*Scheduled virtual community mindful meditation & yoga

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