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World Mental Health Week

Get Involved

It's our favorite week this week and one that speaks volumes to what we do here at The Continuance Foundation. 

"World Mental Health Awareness" week is an opportunity for you to take action & get involved, and below we've put a graphic with just a few of many ways to do so.

The National Alliance On Mental Health published a very informative and helpful article on how to get involved as well, pasted below. 

Resources We recently added a "Resources" page to our website which includes a few resources that we support / support us. Please find out more information at Below are a few podcasts that our founder Daniel McCartney participated focusing on mental health for musicians. Please give them a listen and if you enjoy them, pass along to someone who may need to hear it!

Fundraising We've created so many unique ways to get involved financially with The Continuance Foundation, which we've listed below. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of your proceeds go to giving proper mental health care to musicians.

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Suggested Reading From Our Founder

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