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The Continuance Foundation - Launch

Updated: May 14, 2020

I’m so happy to finally be launching The Continuance Foundation. Mental health is a subject near and dear to my heart as is the life of a full-time musician. Having toured first hand for 6 years all over the world and spent countless weeks in studios all over the U.S as well as now working in the touring industry for over 10 years, I can confidently say that the mental well-being of artist’s is not a subject talked about near enough.

It’s our responsibility as Friends, Family, Agents, Managers, A&R’s, Music Business Peoples, etc to help take care of each other and ensure in this tasking industry we work in that artist’s are equipped with the necessary education, tools, direction, guidance and funds to invest into their mental health.

We have partnered with a mental health counseling and coaching program called "Face-It" which is ran by renowned therapist Dr. Eris. (Website -

Individuals in TCF program will be given a mental health coach & therapist at no cost to them and be monitored by TCF while on tour / in the studio to create a community of those who care about their well-being beyond just their inner circle. Self-Care days provided by TCF will be a new weekly routine for anyone enrolled.

We will begin operations on 9.1.2020 as we spend June - August fundraising in preparation to serve the community with the mental health coaching and counseling they need.

There are various ways to get involved including Ebay Auctions, Donating, 5K Runs, Artist Collaborations and more, all of which you can find right here on our website.

Artist’s pour their hearts into their art, we must pour ours back for the many hours / days / weeks / months / years of joy that music has brought us all.

-Daniel McCartney, Founder of The Continuance Foundation

Music Agent @ United Talent Agency”

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