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Hello 2021!

2020 brought to all of us trials we would have never imagined. We've all learned to pivot in every aspects of our lives, and most importantly our mental health. 2020 made some of us stronger. 2020 made some of us feel weak. We're here to tell you that on behalf of The Continuance Foundation... we are here for you. You're still here. You've survived 100% of your battles in your life including one of the most difficult years any of us will ever experience.

To think that we launched The Continuance Foundation just this year is both exciting and rewarding. In a lot of ways it came at the time we all needed it the most, and for that we are grateful to be here to help bring quality mental health care to musicians, but also bring a sense of community and resourcefulness to the music industry.

We've expanded our team to 7 individuals all with the same compassion, care, and goal to bring mental health resources to our musicians and music industry.

Below we've created a graphic with just a few of our highlights from 2020 including podcasts, partnerships, collaborations and more.


From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all of you for your support to make this possible. Whether it be a financial contribution, a donation to the ebay store, offering yoga sessions, posting graphics for awareness, or even just reaching out to ask how you can help.. all of it has been extremely beneficial and we have all of you to thank for making this possible.


This year we launched a Label Partnership Program which allowed for record labels to donate back stock vinyl to our ebay store. This has been a massively helpful source of income for the foundation to help fund therapy for musicians.

What's next?

There are so many exciting projects and programs on the horizon from us that we wanted to share with you!

Artist Advocacy Program

-We will be launching a program dedicated to specific targeted artists who will be acting as advocates for the foundation. This will include collaborations, programs specifically designed by the artist, fundraising initiatives and more!

The Continue Podcast

-The first episode of our podcast "The Continue Podcast" was received extremely well and proved to be very educative for individuals all over the world. We will be continuing this series with 1 episode a month in 2021 featuring artists, music industry workers, mental health advocates and more, and will have targeted episodes that are dedicated to different aspects of the mental health community including diversity in the mental health community and more.

"Face-It" Partnership

-Our partnership with "Face-It" (The counseling firm started by Dr Eris Huemer out of Los Angeles) is stronger than ever and proves to be the core foundation for TCF. We've opened TCF to be a true resourceful hub for the music industry, artists, and all looking for a mental health community, but the core for TCF remains the same as we go into 2021: Funding professional mental health care to musicians. We look to increase the individuals we are funding healthcare for by 300% in 2021.

Corporate Support Groups and Educative Webinars

-In 2021 we will be launching an initiative very close to our hearts which will encourage not only support groups for the music industry, but also mental health educative webinars for corporate entertainment companies centered around breaking the stigma and opening the conversation more than ever.

TCF Social

-TCF Social will be more active than ever going into 2021 providing resources, yoga classes, meditation classes, suggested reading materials, community and more. Please make sure to follow us on all social networks!

TCF Book Club

Each newsletter we include book suggestions from our founder. Both for enjoyment as well as educative materials on mental health.

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