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With tasking tour schedules, music release schedules, and the never-ending hours put in by musicians, investing in mental health often falls by the way side and can result in worsening stability, substance abuse, and suicide.

Studies say that at least 73% of musicians struggle with mental illness. More than 50% of those admitted turning to substance abuse to medicate. Specifically within the 18-25 age range, the percentage of musicians struggling with mental illness climbs to a staggering 80%

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We know those who need the care. We partner with licensed professional therapists & coaches to provide top tier mental health care to musicians while building a community of individuals who's goal is to cater to the mental health of our artists and entertainers.

Individuals in the foundation are plugged into "TCF SOCIAL", a community focused on improving the mental health of musicians and the music industry by providing general mental health positive practices, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and pier support. 

"The Continue Project" is an  initiative created by The Continuance Foundation that designs Self-Care days into the tasking schedules of musicians.