The Continuance Foundation provides community, resources, counseling, coaching and education for musicians to help improve their mental health.




"The Continuance Foundation helped connect me with a therapist when i was struggling to take the steps myself to get back into therapy. The benefit of having an advocate on the path to mental health improvement cannot be overstated. It has been a real gift to have their support and guidance and I will forever be grateful"

-Ben Thornewill from Jukebox the Ghost


"I can say personally The Continuance Foundation has opened my eyes to so many possibilities when I’ve always been the guy looking for everything to go wrong. Love is so so real, and there is beauty even in our most cloudy days.

-Jake Smelley from Gideon


"I never realized the importance of taking my mental health seriously until I was given the resources The Continuance Foundation had to offer."

-Jon Lundin from Point North

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"There's really no words to describe my gratitude to The Continuance Foundation for providing me with therapy but I will attempt to. As someone who has been in therapy before but it failed, this process with TCF felt smooth and nonjudgmental. Within the last 5 months with the therapy provided to me, I have had multiple breakthroughs and dealt and grown from some deep trauma. The thanks I can give will never be enough because it truly has changed my life"



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